Agile Playbook

Expedition Planning

Like any good adventure, we begin with a plan. We map out the project landscape, gathering requirements, setting goals, and establishing the overall vision.

– Journey plot (gathering requirements)
– Expedition briefing (project kick-off meeting)
– Treasure map drafting (project roadmap)

Base Camp Set-Up

We establish our home base by setting up the backlog, where we store and prioritize our user stories (tasks).

– Tent pitching (creating the backlog)
– Adventure listing (writing user stories)
– Trail ranking (prioritizing tasks)

Sprint Launch

We kick off our sprint, a focused period during which specific project tasks are completed. It’s like a mini-adventure within our larger journey!

– Hiking schedule (sprint planning)
– Daypack packing (task assignment)
– Sunrise start (sprint start)

Daily Campfire Check-In

Just as adventurers gather around the campfire each evening to share stories, we have daily stand-up meetings to discuss progress and obstacles.

– Sunrise huddle (daily stand-up)
– Journey log (progress updates)
– Guided help (problem-solving

Chameleon Work

As Compassionate Chameleons, we work adaptively and efficiently, coding, testing, and iterating as we go.

– Chameleon coding (development work)
– Camouflage check (code review)
– Waterhole testing (unit testing)

Review Waterfall

At the end of each sprint, we gather at the waterfall to review our work, demonstrating the completed user stories to the stakeholders.

– Waterfall gathering (sprint review)
– Storytelling (demonstration of work)
– Clapping songs (stakeholder feedback)

Sunset Reflections

After the sprint review, we sit down for a retrospective, looking at what worked, what didn’t, and how we can improve in the next sprint.

– Sundown circle (sprint retrospective)
– Lessons of the day (team feedback)
– Moonlight pledges (improvement planning)

Chameleon Evolution

We’re always adapting, always evolving. We take the lessons learned from the retrospective and apply them to our next sprint, constantly improving our process and product.

– Chameleon shedding (process refinement)
– Starlight dreaming (planning next sprint)

Product Unleashing

After all sprints are completed, we release the final product. It’s like watching our Compassionate Chameleon blend perfectly into its new environment.

– Jungle release (product launch)
– Chameleon dance (celebration)

Echoes of the Jungle

The adventure doesn’t end with the product release. We provide ongoing maintenance and improvements to ensure the product continues to thrive in its environment.

– Jungle patrols (maintenance)
– Chameleon tune-ups (updates)

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